Wake Up Bainbridge Podcast: The Search for the Heart

Currently, our world seems to be asking us to do something both meaningful and difficult: Slow down and consider the words we say and write, the content we listen to and read, and overall, the ways we’ve chosen to live. Are the words we share true to ourselves? Is the content we digest adding value? Are the ways we live filled with joy?


2 6In an effort to navigate these questions, we turn to those in our community who have experience in exploring these concepts. Through their show, the Wake Up Bainbridge team produces and releases episodes that are as organic as possible, so the show really creates itself. Sal DeRosalia co-hosts the show with Richard Davis, Bethanee Randles is Sal’s business partner, and Chasity Maltista is a local educator who helped bring Sal into “wokeness.” They hope listeners experience authenticity, new perspectives, and the true love they have for Bainbridge Island.


Some of the most influential moments of growth that made Wake Up Bainbridge as we know it today include: Their first show (we all can relate in some way to that initial dive into the unknown – exhilarating and satisfying!), going on NBC’s New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson (Sal had a panic attack during the segment that was visible to the world. As forementioned, this team has experience with honesty in their work), and interviewing council candidates for the recent election last year (a serious legitimization of their show).

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Wake Up Bainbridge looks to inform, enlighten, and always include everyone’s opinion. They also take an active role in subjects they think deserve more spotlight such as affordable housing and Coronavirus/COVID-19, among other major happenings. They include folks on all sides of issues that contribute to our city’s evolution. They reach out to some, and others find them through social media or mutual friends.


1 6Given the current scenario we find ourselves in with the Coronavirus, Sal is maximizing his platform to educate and unite people by offering up his platform to anyone who can use it to help others. That includes doctors, business folk, stay-at-home parents, etc. The more they hear from the community, the more connected we can remain.


This summer, Wake Up Bainbridge will be airing on a new TV station that is dedicated to Bainbridge Island and the surrounding areas. As we examine where integrity resides in our lives, let us also turn to sources of sincerity in our community, like Wake Up Bainbridge, and join them in the search for the heart of our humanity.

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