Retirement The Margaritaville Way!

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We love the stories behind our client’s decisions to sell their homes. This one is especially fun.

We all dream and plan for the day we get to report to work for the very last time! Well, our family has been giddily preparing for this moment for the past year, and once they shared their plans, we just had to smile.

Bill, with the biggest grin on his face, asked us if we had ever heard of the retirement mecca in Florida, called Margaritaville? Why no, we responded, do tell!

(For more details on Margaritaville check out this article from the New Yorker.)

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Margaritaville is a paradise with pools, tiki huts, margaritas on tap, and Jimmy Buffet music to set the tone for “Changes in Attitude and Changes in Latitude”.

So off they flew to Florida, as they handed us the keys and said Florida here, we come!

We wish them all a wonderful retirement and many new adventures, just look out for the ‘Land Sharks’!

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The Mo-Minski Team has you covered here on Bainbridge, and we will be headed to see you next winter! Save us a spot at the Tiki Bar (wink, wink).

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