Mora Ice Creamery: A Single Scoop of Pure Joy

Few treats in the world are as transcendent as ice cream. This gift to the senses compels you to slow down and savor, which truly is one of life’s most previous indulgences.

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A team member of Mora Ice Creamery, Kailee Pantenburg, thoughtfully recognized two individuals in particular who have shaped how this simple shop has become such a powerful force of good and source of joy. One of the owners, Ana Orselli, visits the Bainbridge shop often to evaluate the shop’s short and long term evolution, cultivate any areas that are calling for more growth, and introduce any changes that might enhance customers’ experience. In particular, Ana creates all of Mora’s flavors, so we have her to thank for each singular scoop! The manager, Sabrina Welton, supports the team in every inclusive definition of the word and wholeheartedly serves everyone like family.

Mora started on Bainbridge Island, expanded to Poulsbo and Kingston, and spread its reach outside of Washington into Nevada, Utah, and South Carolina. Keeping in balance and close to home, their attention has not been drawn away from the importance of community, and they continue to seek connections whenever possible.

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Local businesses, like the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and charities in the area, connect with Mora regularly to collect ice cream for their events. Halloween, in particular, is filled with laughter and neighborhood warmth as Mora’s doors open for local teachers to step behind its counter and pass out free scoops to giddy children and families.

Every single ice cream flavor is utterly unique and cannot be found elsewhere. Mora’s ice cream makers don’t use any artificial coloring or flavoring. In this way, their sweet options are healthier with a natural base that brings together a truly authentic finished product. Pure ingredients in each serving, sourced locally and frequently traced back to farmers in the region.

Notable flavors include Blackberry, Green Tea, Chocolate Peanut Butter Moreo, and any of their Cheesecake varieties. These recipes come to fruition in their factory in Poulsbo before being carefully distributed to each location.

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Mora’s team members invite customers to create a brand new memory that they can look back on and smile, knowing that they left happier, relaxed, and better than when they first walked in.

MORA Iced Creamery
Bainbridge Island WA Store
A short walk from the ferry terminal!
139 Madrone Lane
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
tel: (206) 347-0721

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