Local Limitless Designs: Home Edition

image 2021 10 21T153951.455The clicks of online shopping and chills of isolated decision-making should not define how we experience our homes and quality of life. Like so many aspects of our human experience, our need for furniture, rugs, or lighting in our home is really an opportunity in hiding.


Is our relationship with food limited to survival? On the contrary, how we choose to eat can be an expression of self-love, a gathering of close community, and care for the environment. Is our relationship with exercise limited to circulation? In many cases, movement can vastly influence, not only our physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


When selecting textiles, furnishings, paint, or art for our homes, our relationship with the objects in our home is not limited to functionality. There are many local businesses in our communities that can help you transform your space and explore how interior design can be a driving force in creating your dream reality.


The design in your home is more than a mode from point A to point B. Your choices in this process can bring you closer to yourself and others; illuminate your unique vision of the world, and support hard-working craftspeople and artisans.


Will you maximize your relationship with your home and quality of life? Visit these businesses to learn how and connect with like-minded people.



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The Bad Blanche Collection

Red Plantation

Poulsbo Mercantile

Front Street Home Store

The Wooden Bin Vintage Market

Abigail’s Artful Abode

Antiques in Poulsbo

Salt Kettle


Bainbridge Island:

Salt House Mercantile

Furnish Bainbridge

Lillies Antique and Home




The Barn Cat

Dana’s Showhouse

To all of our friends, family, clients, & community. We wanted to take a moment to let you know we are here for you. Not only as your local real estate professionals, but more importantly as your friend and neighbor. We recognize the potential impact this is going to have on our local businesses, jobs, children, and families. More than ever we will need each other. Already we are seeing our community rise to the occasion. Many have already come up with creative ways to support our local businesses, offering help to deliver groceries for those in quarantine, and organizing child care options (to name a few). Please reach out if you need help. We will do everything in our power to connect you with the right people, places or resources. We are here. We are planning and implementing practices to protect our clients who are both selling and buying to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here.
Sending all our love from our homes to yours – Shannon & Terri or if you prefer Mo & Minski.

Terri Kaminski | 206-357-6637 |

Shannon Morgan | 206-715-5676 |

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Molly Coffyn


Shannon Morgan

Terri 2


Terri Kaminski

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