I’m Not Sorry: Confessions of an Art Hoarder

I have listened to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up three or more times, held my household possessions and clothing in my hands to ensure they spark joy, and if so, allowed them to stay in my house. I have even held a selling-half-of-everything-I-own garage sale. By the way, it was a huge success. I constantly strive to get rid of STUFF. Except for one thing: Art.

I am a bona fide art hoarder.

Arrogance wall

I recently spent half of my morning rearranging one of my salon walls to accommodate a new piece entitled The Arrogance of the Sea. My friend, Sam Enlow, a graphic designer at Finger’s Duke Design Studio + Screen Printing created this piece. It is an oversized black and white, weird-all-over screen print made on the mean streets of Bremerton using a steam roller! In short, it is very fantastical. After thinking about it for months, I bought it and ran straight to have it framed, regardless of the cost because art is always worth it. Correction: Art and shoes. For these, I will spare no expense (only a slight exaggeration).

Salon Wall Living Room

Art most definitely sparks joy. I simply can’t get enough. I have black and white drawings and prints, oil paintings, kid art, family heirlooms, thrift store “junk”, reproductions, originals, my own work, and shadow boxes. The only commonality is that I love them all. Pop art, landscapes, portraits, animals, objects, vintage paint-by-numbers, architectural renderings, flora, and fauna – You name it, I own it. I’m not sorry.


Let’s take a tour through my collection, shall we? It will be a little like peeling back a layer and taking a look into my heart and soul.

Art Hoarder Collage

Lest you think my collection is complete, I have included two snaps of Art-I-Shall-One-Day-Own.

Art I Shall One Day Own

The picture of the hot chick astronaut is by Andrew Martin and, since beholding it’s sexy-as-f*ck beauty a couple of years ago at the Las Vegas Market #LVMKT, I have coveted it.


The second piece is by a local artist and apparently a portrait of my spirit animal. Read into it all you want, folks. I grew up in the eighties. Remember Madonna,…


If you would like to connect with me and talk about your art problems, email me at Check out the fabulous CW Design & Decor, where I am lucky enough to design my little heart out on the daily. Our CW instagram is gorgeous. If you still have time on your hands, you can find additional design-y stuff as well as pictures of my sweetheart, dumb dog, and nugget-ish kids on my own kristin_alvarado_design instagram and facebook.


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