fancyFIIn my later years, I am sure my love for all things blingy will become more apparent as I refrain less and decisively become more unapologetically over-the-top. I will plod along while weighed down by gobs of jewels and feathers. With many eyes rolling, my soon-to-be-adult-aged children will try again and again to remind me that a tiara may not be fitting for the grocery store. However, I will ignore them while pinching their cheeks and asking what time are cocktails served. Yep, my future will be full of BLING! BOOYAH!

This is so me. Fancy to a fault.

Every day I get to distract myself with shiny objects like tile, lighting, furniture,… Seriously, it’s only fitting that I find myself submerged in a career that gives this bling addict an outlet, but this does not have to be you too.

What is so you?

It pleases me very much that you may not be like me. While I might just kiss you for even mentioning the word “gold”, it’s not a requirement. With interior design, I get to help you find elements that express you. See, your home really is an extension of your personality, not mine. What is your house saying about you?


More than shiny objects, I love that we get to work together to translate who you are and how you want to live. It is exciting to see your home become truly yours. With all my heart, I want you to have your BOOYAH moment!

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