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The Birth of a Blog 


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Shannon Morgan & Terri Kaminski recognize a kindred spirit when they meet one. So it didn’t take long for the two real estate agents to decide a partnership would suit them nicely. Sharing every purchase and sale enables the team to offer the customer service that sets them apart — and that human connection is what fuels Shannon & Terri’s love of Bainbridge Island, love of real estate, and love of working with their clients.


Shannon & Terri’s clients have fascinating life stories and many are making a real difference in the world we share. During the intense period of buying or selling a home, these stories often bubble forth, reminding Shannon & Terri of the human component in any inter-personal transaction — be it the retiree selling a long-loved house, the ferry-ticket seller who tells great jokes, or the school-bus driver who waits patiently for a straggler. Shannon (at right) & Terri (at left) recognized that these “real” people, and the stories behind them, are gold — and that the broader Bainbridge community would be strengthened and inspired by the sharing of these narratives.


Shannon & Terri also reflected on their curated team of experts in escrow, title, home inspection, mortgages, and building trades who prioritize customer service. It’s a list that many clients depend on, and Shannon & Terri are always pleased to connect people to the resources they need. Could the pair do more to feature the service providers they endorse? To show the “real” side of these trusted professionals and their expertise? And what about all of the other individuals — friends, acquaintances, and even relatives — doing interesting things in their various ways? 


Recognizing that humans are wired for story, and that the sharing of stories is inherently connective, Shannon & Terri suspected it wasn’t just their shared backgrounds in psychology that made these narratives appealing. They mapped out a plan for sharing these stories and tested the idea on their immediate network, receiving resounding encouragement.


When Shannon & Terri sat down to name their content collaboration, they wanted something fun, unique, and memorable. Something that would highlight the importance of connection. What about connecting the first part of Shannon’s last name (Morgan) and the second two syllables of Terri’s last name (Kaminiski)? Mo-Minksi was born. (Don’t you think the real estate world could use more smiles to counter the intense journey of buying and selling real property? Just try to say “Mo-Minksi” without smiling.)


In time, the Mo-Minksi platform for sharing these stories emerged. You’re on it right now.


Shannon & Terri hope you’ll pull up a chair, peruse the site, and get to know the people of Bainbridge Island and beyond. This is a special place, as these stories attest. The Mo-Minksi blog — comprised of profiles, interesting island tidbits, and tutorials — reflect the increasingly diverse community of Bainbridge Island. 


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